Design by Mark-C
where each design is unique


Design by Mark-C blooms out of a passion for drawings and architecture that sparks throughout handcrafted home accessories and sleek edge furniture.

A surprising combination of materials gets set together to create slender and unique items meant to be proudly displayed in any interior. A great variety of materials and colours. Something unique and unexpected. It's not just a lamp but also a piece of art.

Each piece is not mass produced, they all come in limited editions; some even are available for a restricted time so you can firmly claim that they are all put together with care and love for details. Home Couture could never be more "Haute". Design by Mark-C products are made in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Tulip lamps are available in 2 different sizes and models. A table and a pendent model both in a standard and a mini size. They are obviously inspired by the tulip, the beautiful flower which is the most characteristic for the Netherlands, they come in a variety of colours.

Here at Design by Mark-C we keep challenging our self with materials and colours, by combining colourful fibers you can create new and beautiful items for any interior. One of our new item is the Fiber Lampshades.







blue & white fiber lamp

small size pendant lamps

yellow lamp